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Monday, July 29, 2013

A beautiful Sunday with a beautiful woman

Two sundays back i.e. 14th July, Atul and I spent a few hours with Laisa Vulakoro and her family in their lovely home in Wainadoi! Laisa is one of the most gorgeous woman I have met with an incredibly gorgeous voice...she is a singer, also known as the Queen of Vude! Her lovely home next to Wainadoi river, a bit of grassland, veggie patch, a cute little house for ducks raised up through a pond, walkway and a lovo pit...you have it all, what more would you want! Her hubby Brian showed us around while Laisa got the lunch organised! We treasure these friendships and experiences which is what will remain with us when we move from Fiji...Photos speak volumes and here is a glimpse of the brilliant sunday!
A walk through the beautiful property
Duck house in the pond
Beautifully designed coconut branches - very useful too!
Wainadoi river flowing by the edge of the property add to the picturesque view

Laisa loves to cook; cuts the fish and brushes it lightly with soya sauce and it turn out yummy...

And after

But wait the 'after' shot goes through a series of process...the art of lovo-making! Laisa has a great team of people around her...getting the lovo ground ready
Getting a bed of hot stones ready
Getting all the carbs and proteins ready (dalo, palusami, fish, chicken...)
The bed of hot stones is being organised for the roast
Team work at its best! Laisa leads her troop...
Food parcels being laid on hot stones carefully covered with a bamboo mesh
Everything must go!
Covering all of it with banana leaves...
and covering it further...
Finally all covered with soil - a perfect oven!

 And this stays for nearly 2 hours...the result is tasty lovo! As this was getting ready we took a walk around the property, talked, listened to beautiful singing by Pasifika voices - Laisa mentors these young talents, I have heard them sing in a number of occasion and they are an absolute delight!
A few shots that will remind me of the warmth and affection shared that glorious sunday afternoon...
The beautiful backyard!
Lovely home
Keep smiling Laisa..

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