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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Environment programmes (contd.)

As a part of our awareness campaign, in my capacity as the Convener for the 'Environment' programme, I initiated and organized a poster competition in 2000 to mark the World Environment Day, 5th June. The response to the competition was very encouraging and we decided to conduct it every year. We pick a topic every year and involve as many children as we can to participate in the competition. Below is a list of topics we have chosen so far.
Year 2000 Theme for Poster Competition : Endangered Species
Year 2001 Theme for Poster Competition: Save Our Seas
Year 2002 Theme for Poster Competition: Reuse and Recycle
Year 2003 Theme for Poster Competition: Protect Our Rainforest
Year 2004 Theme for Poster Competition: Clean Air
Year 2005 Theme for Poster Competition: Clean Place: my country, my home.
We are yet to pick one for this year.
The competition targets 3 age groups; primary, secondary and tertiary students/ corresponding age groups.
I will put some photos in the next blog that were taken while presentation of prizes for last years poster competition at one of the schools '4-mile school'. I have tried putting the photos a number of times with this blog, somehow it would not connect. These are some of the problems we face here with repsect to technology. We often work under trying conditions.
So, whenever we go to any school, we also take with us books for distribution, this is a project which we do in colaboration with 'Rotary club of Huon Gulf'. These books are sent from various clubs in Australia. There are many schools which do not have enough resources and so every little contributions counts. We have a database of all the schools in the province and keep a check on the schools already covered so that we can reach out to as many. There is so much more that needs to be done though. This partiular project falls under our education programme, I will talk about some of the education projects and other projects in upcoming blogs.
In SI we work under 6 programme areas which are:
Human Rights and Status of Women
Economic and Social Development
International Goodwill and Understanding
We often do a project that covers more than one programme area. Will keep trying to upload those photos of environment poster competition: certificate and prize presentation.

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