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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Excerpts from National Fundraising Drive Events : Walkathon, Charity Gala Dinner and 'The Open Day and Fete'

We just finished the 10 week-long 'National Fundraising Drive'. It was a lot of hard work. I had three very hard working individuals in this team Hiroyuki Saito, Pauline Orikasa and Iris Freynhagen - Our Diversity became Our Strength! We had good times and bad but we throughly enjoyed the whole exercise. The satisfaction of helping the able students of the centre was enormous to keep us going even when the goinng was tough. It was very demanding for me especially with full time work and I had find time to cope up with the pressure of coordinating this project! Also the support from my husband and daughter was enormous as usual.

We had to reschedule the dates for the three events:

19th July: Walkathon

9th August: Charity Gala Dinner

5th September: Open Day and Fete

I shall place some of the photos shortly from the vaious events would very well describe the essence of the work put in as well as a good description of what happened! Below is the photo taken at the Charity Gala Dinner held at Holiday Inn Suva. The staff and management of Holiday Inn was supportive and forthcoming.

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