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Thursday, February 23, 2012

VAKA: The Birth of a Seer

Hand is still in the cast but that should not stop me!
Last night (22nd Feb), saw one of the magical performances "VAKA The Birth of a Seer" organised by the "Oceania Centre For Arts, Culture and Pacific Studies" in USP held at the state-of-art multi-purpose theatre of the "Japan-Pacific ICT centre". Such a production is only possible when you have a team of talented and diverse group of people - It was an absolute pleasure to have watched this amazing musical - the ambiance of the evening was infectious.
Following night (23rd Feb), we attended the fundraising event to support the victims in Fiji, NZ and Japan. A young Japanese exchange student shared her narrow escape from the disastrous earthquake and tsunami - it left me wondering...and then we take life for granted!

The third consecutive day (24th Feb) We were all set to attend the Rotary International 107th birthday (23rd Feb) celebration - a joint event by the four Rotary clubs in Suva at the JJs on the Park but my "hand in the cast" started complaining and had to give it a miss :(
Yet another dimension added to my life! Thank You!!

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