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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Settling back after two weeks of travel and immersed in a documentary

What an amazing two weeks it had been! Last weekend I returned after spending a week in Auckland, New Zealand followed by another week in Uvea (Wallis), Wallis and Futuna. The trip to Auckland was official while Wallis was a holiday! I managed to make the most of my time to get around both places to get a flavour of its culture and the environment. To be fair on the two places, I will dedicate a post to each separately.

I am back in Fiji, watching a documentary on ABC channel and its past midnight. and feel totally immersed in it - all I can think of is WWI and WWII.  This Irish-Polish woman Magda who migrated to Australia when she was 5 yrs old goes to Ireland to find our about her grandfather and then to Poland to find out more about her father...a chilling and emotional account of grandfather's life who experienced WWI and father experienced WWII and both had to leave their countries...I can't help now wonder about million others who have also gone through similar experiences.

Let there be peace...

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