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Sunday, January 29, 2012

It will all be OKAY

On 22nd Jan, I had a fall, slipped four stairs, balanced the fall by taking all my body weight with my left hand - result = a broken ulna near the wrist. Run to Suva Private Hospital, the orthopedic surgeon carried out the procedure (x-ray, manipulation followed by cast) and I am now a proud owner of a cast! As I got back home, it then sunk in that I was going to be a one-handed woman for at least five weeks!

So is the cast going to stop me from going about doing my normal routine - I suppose not! With Atul's help, home front is under control and on the work front - technology has enabled all tasks to go smooth (becoming an expert in typing with one hand!!!). The only restriction is on my movements and this has affected my participation in community activities requiring physical exersion. Thanks to technology again, I could do other activities that required computer and internet. Its a matter of few weeks and it will all be ok, very soon!

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