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Saturday, March 03, 2012

TEDx Talk

TED talks are a family favourite since late 90s. We have enjoyed watching it as well as shared it with students and friends from time to time. Atul used to download TED videos (sometimes leaving his computer to download overnight as he would struggle with the limited bandwidth and speed of internet those days) for his students while we were teaching in PNG University of Technology. One of the early talks I remember Atul downloaded for our students was that of wind turbine and the kid in Malawi - such success stories motivate students even more so in the developing countries. The idea behind these talks is what makes it unique! Little did we realize back then that we would have a personal interest in the TEDx series (which originated from TED in order to provide an opportunity to more people to share their idea!) some day in near future! And that was today when our daughter spoke about her master's thesis work at the Inaugural TEDxUCI. We are pleased that she has a good idea (software, energy and sustainability) and she cares for the environment - not that we are surprised. But making your passion your work proves you mean it! Good going young lady. The TEDxUCI had an excellent range of speakers, look forward to the YouTube video upload of these talks!

Another aspect of this talk for us was being able to watch it live while sitting in Fiji - and that is why I feel strongly about the potential of technology in both formal and non-formal Education.

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