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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

International Womens Day Centenary - 8th March 2011

To all you wonderful Women out there ,

Happy International Women's Day!

Together, We Can Make a Difference!!

Cheers to Women Power!!!

As we celebrate 100 years of IWD, I think of all those women who made this possible and dedicate this blog to them. Listening to a talk on Rosa Luxemburg, on BBC radio while driving to University yesterday (8th March), I could not help think how fortunate we are to have come such a long! And then, I stumbled upon what I would consider an over-confident response to IWD by a person who commented and questioned on web, "if the women's day celebration should now be a thing of past". I certainly do not think so! We have come a long way no doubt but we do have to cover many more miles...
Sharing with readers how some of my friends celebrated IWD and their thoughts/ reflections from around the world:

"...Clubs in Wales South ran an exhibition about 'Wonderful Welsh Women' and show-cased sorop projects from our clubs. We also held a bridge event there..."

"...We had a wonderful speaker from Botswana at the IWD Breakfast here yesterday..."


"...Greetings and Best wishes on this Women's International Day - 'Educate a Boy and you educate an individual; educate girl and you educate a community'(African proverb)..."

"...We ARE making a difference..."

Indeed, we ARE making a difference...

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