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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Activities as a Soroptimist in Fiji

I have always enjoyed soroptimist extension activities. During my time as the President of SI Lae, I other members of SI Lae in Papua New Guinea, I with three other members formed an extension team and worked very hard for 6 months to charter SI Port Moresby on 27th Nov. 2005. After coming to Fiji, a close soroptimist friend from Rakiraki mentioned similar possibilities in Lautoka during the time I was in Lautoka in dec. 2007 for 2 months. We then formed a team and started working towards it and we finally managed to charter SI Lautoka on 10th May 2008, thank you again to my daughter for her help with desk-top publishing during this exercise. It always gives me great pleasure to be a part of such activities. Some photos from SI Lautoka charter:

Another aspect we have worked on is publicising 'Soroptimist International' and its activities in Fiji. We have done very well since November last year and made sure media is aware of our activities and SI gets due publicity for its efforts towards helping women and girls all over the country and world. The recent charter ceremony was covered by all the three leading english newspapers in the country.

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