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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Going is Good

I have just been busy with my charity work so could not post anything, there is plenty to write but the time.................... We had a very successful fudraising dinner on 21st september, we managed to meet our target and it was a good night. The dinner at Vineyard Palace was good for its value. I am hoping we will do the same for the diwali fundraising dinner on 26th oct for the 'Light Up' project. Two weeks back, we also said 'goodbye' to a friend, Kinji Ihara and his wife, Kiji was a Senior JICA volunteer with FVTTCPD and a very human being. Kinji and I bacame good friends as I took over coordinating 'Open Day and Fete' for the centre. It was sad to say goodbye to Kinji and his wife. Another newly made friend, Lydia Rowson who is from PNG and was in Suva with hubby and children left Suva to joing her hubby in Taiwan. Lydia too is a wonderful woman who expressed her willlingness to help out for open Day and we came good friends since then. Lydia was an IWA member too.We travelled to lautoka, the west of Viti Levu last month with a friend and he organised for all of us to visit 'Bounty Island' which was a beautiful trip. Will post some photos later. One thing I could say here for Fiji is that this is a country that has a beautiful blend of east and west. Bounty island is 30 mins boat ride from Lautoka , there are two more islands 'treasure' and 'beachcomber', we plan to go there again and do the three island trip all together once again. At the moment we are basically, just feeling the place around and will start visiting places properly again. Lautoka is the town known for sugarcane farming, the major export from Fiji. It is a small and cute looking town. All the sugar comes from here and the farmers are struggling at the moment, I just hope it will get better for the farmers.With Diwali round the corner, the whole of Suva is in festive mood, we will be celebrating Diwali properly after a long time nearly 9 yrs. In PNG, once I called ma in India to wish them 'Happy Diwali' and she told me it was yesterday, i just could not believe how we missed diwali (did not notice it on internet even, must have been very busy with work and other things), we were very few indians in Unitech so it was quite possible to miss. On the contrary, here we cannot miss a single small or big special occasion which has some importance, so I am basically making up for all the missed occassions.

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