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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lots happening but no time to blog (On SI Fiji Region Meeting)

Photo 1: Training on 'Online Reporting'
Photo 2: Attentive Soroptimists in the training session
Photo 3: Six crazy women heading back to Suva

Lots happening but its a pity that I am not able to blog as frequently I would like to. One of the interesting day trip was a trip to Ba. SI Fiji Region had its region meeting on 25th July and we were six soroptimists from SI Suva who were going to attend the meeting. Suva is east of Viti Levu and Ba is North-West. We rented a car from Carpenter Motors and started our journey at 5.30a.m. Rosemary was the one to pick everyone up, so the poor soul started at 5.15a.m. and after picking up all the five women, we were off to Ba. I have been on Queens road several times with my family but this was different. Six professional and community oriented women (obviously we must have something in common, that is why we are soroptimists) left their homes early morning and each one of them so organised that we had no shortage of tea, coffee and milo! The trip was good, we talked and argued and laughed and panicked since we wanted to reach by 10.30 to start off the meeting at 11a.m. sharp. We reached on time. I conducted a training session on 'Online Reporting', our federation of South West Pacific has revamped the website and we now report all the projects online, this is something new so members need to be trained! We then had our region executive meeting followed by lunch and general meeting. We then drove back at 4.15p.m, this time I drove. We were tired and cranky but some of us wanted to stop to buy vegetables since we get fresh and cheap vegetables in west. By the time we reached Sigatoka, it seems we had lost our marbles and we had music blasting and women dancing inside the car!!! We had to reach before 10 otherwise we would have to pay another day's rental, so I was basically concentrating on making us reach in time as well as in one piece, this was a big ask considering there were lots of distraction such as dancing (I like to dance too!) and some classic jokes from these women who you would not even think could get this crazy!! Good fun ladies, I had a good time, another very good experience in Fiji for me!!!

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