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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pacific Ballet of Creation

'Ta'aroa' : Atul trying to capture the ambiance of the evening with his Samsung Corby 3650

The Waiting: Atul and ma 'waiting' in the balcony of 'Suva Civic Centre' - lovely Pacific Ocean with the sun-setting

One of the most enjoyable evenings of my life was watching the Pacific Ballet of Creation - 'Ta'aroa'. My mum is currently visiting us here in Fiji and she has a huge interest in performing arts, so what better introduction to Pacific art and culture than this ballet! On 14th April we went to watch this production by Allan Alo, a very talented Samoan artist who has been working and living in Fiji for many many years. Allan must be one of the most gracious and beautiful dancer I have seen in my life and I have enjoyed all his performances and productions. This was Allan's last production in Fiji and I did not want to miss the opportunity! I do not think words can describe this experience but I must treasure it here.

'Ta'aroa' was based on ancient Polynesian mythologies from Tahiti, Samoa and Maori. The production had the best from all the fields contributing - so what do you expect - A most unique and sensational production! Right from the concept to direction to music/live drums/ string ensemble and dance/ choreography to finale' - everything was just so incredibly beautiful. It was an everlasting cultural experience for Atul, mum and I. It is experiences like this that reaffirm, "I am blessed". Thank you to all the Pacific Island Countries and its people for all these experiences that we are able to have while we are in this part of the world!

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